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MGF 1107 Mathematics for Liberal Arts II.

Course Description: This course introduces the student to the concepts of financial mathematics, linear and exponential growth, numbers and number systems, history of mathematics, elementary number theory, voting techniques, and graph theory.

MGF 1107 Mathematics for Liberal Arts II.

Spring 2018, 8 weeks:

1/09 --2/28.

1. Lecture Notes, Graph Theory and Voting Methods. 1/09

2. 01/17, Reviews: Graphs and Voting Methods. Correct choices here.

3. Answers for some HW questions, see pdf here.

4. 01/22, Test 1: graphs and voting methods.


Syllabus_10326: 5:40 pm-8:10 pm
Online HW instructions

MDC Kendall Campus, room 9220

Office Hours: MW 4:30 pm -5:30 pm, Room 3348

MGF 1107 competencies Miami Dade College

Instructor's email: csotuyo@mdc.edu


Test 1: Graphs and voting methods.
Test 2: Arithmetic (exponentiation, radicals, fractions, number bases...).
Test 3: Linear equations and inequalities.
Test 4: Finance( taxation, annuities, mortgages).

Project (Due on 2/14):
Writing a Paper on a Known Mathematician.
Instructions on the syllabus (last page).

The Story of Mathematics, website.

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Prof. James Souza, Phoenix College.
Introduction to Graph Theory:

Prof. James Souza, Phoenix College.
Introduction to Voting Theory: