MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts

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MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts

Course Description: MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts I. This course includes topics in geometry, probability and statistics, and sets and logic.

MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts

Spring 2019, Miami Dade College. Kendall Campus.

Jan-May 2019.

01/08: Introduction to Geometry. Points, lines, planes. Triangles. Polygons.

01/10: Area and perimeter. Volume. 01/15: Basic trigonometry.

Geometry: intructor's notes and chapter 10 summary.

01/17 & 01/22: Review 1, Geometry. Review 1 correct choices.
Homework example questions: detailed answers included.

01/24: Test 1, Geometry.

01/29: Chapter 3: Logic: statements, negations, truth tables,
01/31 & 02/05: Conditional, biconditional, De Morgan's laws. Arguments.
Summary Chapter 3 logic.

02/07, 02/12 & 02/14: Review 2 logic; correct choices here.
Review2b Logic; Review2b Answers.

02/19: Test 2, Logic.

02/21: Introduction to sets. Notes on sets.
Operations with sets. Survey problems.

02/28 & 03/05: Review 3, Sets. Correct choices for review 3.
Review 3b (HW questions); additionally, Three Survey Problems.

03/12: Test 3, Sets.


03/14: Counting methods and probability theory: Notes on probability. Examples to be discussed in class (lecture).

03/19 & 03/21: Probability: Prob of A union B. Prob of A and B. Prob(A|B)

03/25 & 03/27: Review 4, Probability. Correct choices for Review 4.
Playing Cards Probabilty questions. Online HW questions to be discussed in class here.

04/02: Test 4, Probability.

04/04: Intro to Statistics. Statistics: Notes
04/09: Measures of central tendency and dispersion.
04/11: Normal distribution, the empirical rule.
04/16: Normal distribution problems: z-scores tables.

04/18, 04/23, 04/25: Review 5. Correct choices for Review 5.
Online HW sample Questions 1.
Another set of HW questions 2.

By the Syllabus: there is an optional final exam, that, if taken, replaces the student's lowest grade. Review for optional final here.

05/02: Test 5, Statistics.

End of Course !

Instructions on how to use your calculators (Statistics):

A) Descriptive Statistics in TI 83 & 84.
B) Normal CDF in TI 83 & 84.
C) Descriptive Statistics and Normal CD in TI 36 pro.
D) Descriptive Statistics in TI 30 II.
E) Descriptive Statistics and Normal CD on Casiofx115ES.
F) TI-NSpire: descriptive statististics by Dr. L Schultz.
G) TI-NSpire: Normal distribution by Dr. L Schultz.
H) TI-83 & TI-84 Tips for Statistics by Univ of Illinois.
I) Casio FX-9750GII Statistics by David Diez, OpenIntro.

OpenIntroOrg VIDEOS:

Entering Data and 1-Variable Statistics (TI-84 & TI-83)

Casio fx-9750GII - Calculations for the Normal Distribution

Virtual TI 83: Download compressed folder (win zip)
Once downloaded, right click on the zip folder, choose extract all, double click on Vti application.
You got a virtual TI 83 !

Entering Data and 1-Variable Statistics (TI-84 & TI-83)

Probability: The Deck of Cards.

A deck of cards consists of 4 suits, 13 cards each for a total of 52 cards.
The four suits are: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs.
Each suit contains an A (Ace), numbers from 2 to 10, and three face cards:
J, The Jack; Q, the Queen and K, the King.

Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds:

Syllabus_5637:T-TR 09:50 AM-11:05 AM
Room 4305
Class schedule
Online HW instructions

Office Hours: T-TR 9:10 am -9:40 am, Room 3348

Instructor: Carlos Sotuyo
Instructor's email:

Suggested calculators: TI 36X pro

Casio FX-991EX:
Instructions: descriptive stat.
Instructions: distributions.

Casio fx 9750 GII

OpenIntroOrg Stat using Graphing Calculators

Prof. James Suza, Phoenix College
Truth Tables for Compound Statements

Logic: the structure of reason:


The normal distribution: 68-95-99.7 rule.