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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Max Plank

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
Albert Einstein

To do all the good one can, to love liberty above everything, and even if it be for a kingdom, never to betray truth.
Ludwig van Beethoven

Broward College Pines Center
16957 Sheridan St, Pembroke Pines, FL 33331

Mon & Wed, 8.00 am -10.45 am Blg 100, room 2070.

Syllabus MAT1033

MAT1033 Course Outline

In this course, students will use an online educational
program titled ALEKS 360. An access code for ALEKS 360
is required and may be purchased at a BC bookstore or online at www.aleks.com during the registration process

How to register for ALEKS

Class code DDKPX-LMWTM

Office Hours: 11:00 am-11:30 am Mon & Wed.
at Math Lab, Pines Center: 100-00148

Instructor's email: csotuyo@broward.edu

Writing algebraic expressions from mathnstuff.com

Translating Verbal Expressions into Algebraic Expressions pdf


"My cousin, at that time, (...), was in high school and was having considerable difficulty with his algebra and had a tutor come, and I was allowed to sit in a corner while (LAUGHS) the tutor would try to teach my cousin algebra, problems like 2x plus something. I said to my cousin then, "What're you trying to do?" You know, I hear him talking about x. He says, "What do you know 2x + 7 =15," he says "and you're trying to find out what x is." I says, "You mean 4." He says, "Yeah, but you did it with arithmetic, you have to do it by algebra," and that's why my cousin was never able to do algebra, because he didn't understand how he was supposed to do it. There was no way. I learnt algebra fortunately by not going to school and knowing the whole idea was to find out what x was and it didn't make any difference how you did it, there's no such thing as, you know, you do it by arithmetic, you do it by algebra, that was a false thing that they had invented in school so that the children who have to study algebra can all pass it. They had invented a set of rules which if you followed them without thinking could produce the answer: subtract 7 from both sides, if you have a multiplier divide both sides by the multiplier and so on, and a series of steps by which you could get the answer if you didn't understand what you were trying to do."

Taken from The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman

NYT, Richard Feynman: "Richard P. Feynman, arguably the most brilliant, iconoclastic and influential of the postwar generation of theoretical physicists (...)"


Life events are either a joyful game or a painful punishment: Let's take learning mathematics as a joyful game.
Playing with numbers, that's called algebra.












MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra

Spring 2018, 8 weeks:

March 14 to May 06, 2018


1. Linear equations in two variables: Algebra, Geometry and Modeling.
2. System of linear equations.
3. Polynomial Expressions factoring.
4. Rational Expressions and Equations.
5. Radical Expressions.
6. Complex Numbers.
7. Quadratic Equations.

Classwork: to be graded. Worksheets, they are also technically classwork, but not to be graded.
Since this is an * weeks course adapted from a 16 week course, each day includes two days of the regular ourse:

1. Days 1 & 2: March 14, Wed: Classwork 1; Classwork 2

2. Days 3 & 4: March 19, Mond. Classwork 3; Classwork 4

3. Days 5 & 6: March 21, Wed. Classwork 5; Classwork 6

4. Days 7 & 8: March 26, Mond.Classwork 7, Classwork 8

5. Days 9 & 10: March 28, Wed. TEST 1 (it covers from classwork 1 - 5); Classwork 9

* pdf containing a summary of "system of two equations" and three hyperlinks to videos of Prof. James Souza, Phoenix College.

6. Days 11 & 12: April 2, Mond. Classwork 10, Classwork 11

7. Days 13 & 14: April 4, Wed. Classwork 12, Classwork 13

8. Days 15 & 16: April 9, Mond.; TEST 2 ( from cw 6 to 11). Classwork 14

9. Days 17 & 18: April 11, Wed. Classwork 15; Classwork 16

10. Days 19 & 20: April 16, Mond. Classwork 17; Classwork 18

11. Days 21 & 22: April 18, Wed. TEST 3 ( from cw 12 to 18); Classwork 19

12. Days 23 & 24: April 23, Mond. Classwork 20; Classwork 21

13. Days 25 & 26: April 25, Wed. Classwork 22; Classwork 23

14. Days 27 & 28: April 30, Mond. Classwork 24, & Second hour, TEST 4.

15. Days 25 & 26: May 2nd, Wed. First hour, Review for Final Exam. FINAL EXAM