Broward College, MAP 2302 – Differential Equations

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MAP2302: Differential Equations

Topics include equations of first order, linear equations with constant coefficients, non-homogeneous equations, variation of parameters, solution using Laplace Transforms, elementary existence theorems, series solutions, and applications to physics and chemistry.

MAP2302: Activities

Summer 2019, Broward College

05/14 1.1 Course Introduction. Backgrounds
1.2 Solutions and Initial Value Problems (verify solutions)
Practice 1 (Questions to be discussed in class).

05/16 1.2 Solutions and Initial Value Problems (IVP)
1.4 The Approximation Method of Euler
Practice 2 (Questions to be discussed in class).

05/21 2.2 Separable Equations. 2.3 Linear Equations. Practice 3.

05/23 2.4 Exact Equations. 2.6 Substitutions and Transformations. Practice 4.

05/28 Test 1 Review.
Summary of Techniques: Solving First ODE by Mathonline.

05/30 Thursday Test 1

06/04 4.2 Homogeneous Linear Equations: The General Solution. Practice 5.

06/06 4.3 Auxiliary Equations with Complex Roots. Practice 6.

06/11 4.4 Non-Homogeneous Equations: The Method of Undetermined Coefficients
4.5 The Superposition Principle and Undetermined Coefficients Revisited. Practice 7.

06/13 4.6 Variation of Parameters. Practice 8.

06/18 4.7 Variable-Coefficients Equations. Solutions to Euler-Cauchy Eqns, by L. Drager, Texas Tech University. Practice 9.

06/20 Test 2 Review: questions and answers.
06/25, No class --(Broward College Academic Schedule).

6/27 Test 2

07/02 7.2 Definition of The Laplace Transform. 7.3 Properties of The Laplace Transform. Practice 10. A table of common Laplace Transforms.

07/09 7.4 Inverse Laplace Transform. 7.5 Solving Initial Value Problems. Practice 11.
Laplace Summary - University of Bradford, UK.

07/11 Test 3 Review. Handwritten answer to ix, x,xi
Practices 10 and 11 should be considered part of the preparation for Test 3.
PennState: Prof. Zachary S Tseng Notes1: The Laplace Transform.

07/16 Test 3

07/18 6.2 Homogeneous Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients.
6.3 Undetermined Coefficients and The Annihilator Method. Practice 12 and Practice 13.

07/23 8.2 Power Series and Analytic Functions.
8.3 Power Series Solutions to Linear Differential Equations. Practice 14.

07/25 Test 4 Review. IVP(b) handwritten ans here (it was not solved in class).

07/30 Test 4

08/01 Review Final Exam

08/06 Final Exam


Broward College, South Campus.
Instructor: Carlos Sotuyo

Syllabus_MAP2302 TR, 4:00pm-5:50 pm
Room 107, Bldg 70, South Campus

Exams consist of free-response questions.

Slope and Direction Fields
by Bluffton University

Schaums Outline of Differential Equations

Differential Equations resources:

Paul Online Notes.

Diff Eqns: The Pennsylvania State University, Prof Tseng.
MIT opencourseware: Professor A. Mattuck.
Diff Eqns: Univsersity of Canterbury.
Professor Voutsadakis: site & slides, ode zip
Houston Math Prep: youtube channel
ODE-Summary, by
Nonhomogeneous linear ...
By Stewart Calculus.
Differential Equations: Pauls Online Notes

Diff Eqns Solver


Prof. James Souza, Phoenix College:
Differential Equations



MIT Prof. Arthur Mattuck:
18-03, Differential Equations.


Millersville University:final-review sheets & solutions for Basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, 2 & 3 .

JUST THE MATHS: From Algebra to differential equations: Teaching Units:table of content By A. J. Hobson.