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MAC2233: Business Calculus.

Lectures are limited to main concepts and solving examples. Most of the time, we will be solving problems in class. In every class. 


MAC2233: Activities

Fall 2018, Broward College

1. Thurs 10/17 Course introduction. Algebra review. Notes Algebra & Business Calc functions. Practice 1.

2.10/22. Practice 1, continued.

3. 10/24, Wednesday: Practice & review for test 1. Then, Test 1.

4. 10/29. Limit, continuity. Practice 2. Practice 2 Ans.

One-sided limits: by Prof. Paul Dawkins, Paul Online Notes (Best notes on Calculus on the web).

5. 10/31. The Derivative, Basic diffentiation properties. Marginal analysis in Business and economics. Practice 3. Practice 3 Ans.

6. 11/05. Review: limits & derivatives.

7. 11/07. Test 2: Limit & Derivatives.

8. 11/14. Lecture: Derivative: Additional topics: exponential function, logs, chain rule, product and quotient rule. Practice4; answers to Practice4.

9. 11/19. Cont Practice4.

10. 11/21.Test 3. Additional topics in derivatives.

11. 11/26. Lecture Chapter 4: maxima, minima, optimization problems. Practice5.

12. 11/28. Lecture Chapter 5: Integration. Practice6. Practice6Ans.

13. 12/03 Review of practices 5 and 6. Final Review. Answers.

14. 12/05. Review of practices 5, 6 cont... and Test 4.

15. 12/10 Final exam.

Grove City College Business Calc webpage (Grove City, Pennsylvania): online book, examples, videos, etc.

List of derivatives rules (except for trig functions, we study all others in Business Calc).
From UCDavis.



Syllabus_mac2233:MW, 8:00am-10:50am Room 2200, Weston Campus

Online Perason HW instructions.

Class schedule.

PPTs from dropbox.


Millersville University:final-review sheets & solutions for Basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, 2 & 3 .

JUST THE MATHS: From Algebra to differential equations: Teaching Units.Table of content. By A. J. Hobson.

MATHISPOWER4U tutorials: Algebra, Calculus I, II, III, differentail eq, set theory, logic, etc.

image by Ayme Sotuyo

Prof. R. Delaware, Kansas' Univ.
College Algebra

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Taxi Drivers' Brains Grow to Navigate London's Streets. Scientific American.

National Geographic Video: London Taxi Drivers' Brains