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Instructor: Carlos Sotuyo

Syllabus Summer 2021
TR: Room 9120
3:10 pm -6:30 pm


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Millersville University:
Algebra | Trigonometry

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Saylor Academy
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Table of Content

Hypatia, The Ellipse. About 400 AD, Alexandria:

3Blue1Brown: Animated Math.

Summary of conic sections, Stewart

Typesetting Calculus
LaTex Math
LaTex presentation


MAC1140, Pre Calculus


2.3          Review of Functions
2.7          Piecewise Defined Functions
3.2          Polynomial Functions
3.3          Division of Polynomials and the Remainder and Factor Theorems. See pdf.
3.4          Zeros of Polynomials. See Finding zeros by Lumen.
Practice 01

3.5          Rational Functions
3.6          Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
Practice 02
See Horizontal Asymptotes and Intercepts from Lumen
Allan Hancock College, Asymptotes: handout

5/18       Q&A01 + Test 1 Using ALEKS.
Q&A01 Questions
Test open during class hours, 3:10-6:30 pm
Download & Install lockdown browser (ALEKS)
4.1          Inverse Functions. Notes from MCC.
4.2          Exponential Functions. Notes from FIU.
4.3          Logarithmic Functions.
4.4          Properties of Logarithms. Summary from Western Orgeon Univ.
4.5          Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Applications.
Practice 03

5/25      Q&A02 + Test 2 Online Using ALEKS
Q&A02 Questions

10.1        Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using Matrices
10.2        Inconsistent Systems and Dependent Equations
10.3        Operations on Matrices
10.4        Inverse Matrices and Matrix Equations
10.5        Determinants and Cramer’s Rule.
Notes on Matrices.
Practice 04

6/01      Q&A03 + Test 3 Online Using ALEKS
Q&A03 Questions

11.1        The Ellipse
11.2        The Hyperbola
11.3        The Parabola
Conics, summary | Conics by Stewart.
Practice 05

6/8          Q&A04 + Test 4 Online Using ALEKS
Q&A04 Questions

12.1        Sequences and Series
12.2        Arithmetic Sequences and Series
12.3        Geometric Sequences and Series
12.4        Mathematical Induction
12.5        The Binomial Theorem
Mathematical induction at
Practice 06

6/15        Q&A05 + Test 5 Online Using ALEKS
Q&A05 Questions
6/17        Final Online Using ALEKS

Saylor Academy
(online text)
Table of Content